At any time given that very first looking at Star Wars as a youngster, I was hooked. Like so a lot of other individuals, I utilized to pretend to be a Jedi, jumping off of objects although brandishing a toy Mild Sabre. As my Mom would inform you these days, numerous countless numbers of dollars’ well worth of injury was carried out, and several neighbours traumatised, while I was in ‘Jedi Training’.

As I’ve grown older, I have not experienced time to proceed my Jedi training, significantly to the delight of my Mother and the Neighbourhood. Alternatively I have opted to settle for a work as a Nationwide Wellness, Safety Environment and Top quality Supervisor for Alliance Energy and Data, primarily based in East Perth, Western Australia. My love of Star Wars nonetheless, is as powerful as the working day as I first observed it.

Right after just lately re-seeing the complete Star Wars collection, I have noticed it in a entirely new light-weight. It happened to me that even although the Jedi’s ended up vastly more compact in variety, they were still in a position to contend from a much more substantial military, by only utilizing and making use of a handful of facets which are now regarded as to be the fundamentals of an Occupational Health and Basic safety Program.

Lesson One particular: Incident Investigations

It really is a unhappy level in your daily life when you realise that only by yourself and a choose handful of friends and loved ones can be dependable. Remember when Obi-Wan Kenobi utilized the ‘Jedi Brain Trick’ on the incident investigating Storm troopers? Even even though they’re Jedi’s, the portrayed ‘good-guys’, the act by itself does offer a strong circumstance that people attempting to steer clear of prosecution, no matter inherently great or undesirable, will use any means at their disposal to be identified not guilty.

Several occasions although on internet site, I found myself caught in the center of an Incident Investigation resembling a sandstorm. Almost every single Occupational Well being and Protection Skilled can relate to this. Why do I get in touch with it a sandstorm? Well it is just like a standard sandstorm in the desert unprepared, you know that you are heading to get belted from every single course for an undefined and prolonged period of time of time. You also know that it’s going to inflict ranging levels of pain the two psychological and physical, resulting in you doubting and questioning your personal abilities and beliefs in your situation. Include to this the simple fact that you merely can not see what to do or the place to go right up until soon after the sandstorm settles and in the end clears.

Like most others, my basic incident investigation sandstorm provided

Many differing variations of the unfolded functions,
Many differing sequences of events,
A number of differing fingers of blame being pointed, and
An abundance of select words of the English language getting utilized possibly in the direction of myself or others.

I will not likely lie, during these instances I wished absolutely nothing more than my possess completely performing light-weight sabre.

So how do we strategy the basic truth that we are likely to be misled?

The Jedi’s had a Council that discussed matters, with a tiny environmentally friendly guy that could see into the long term. From my knowledge, firms have had many levels of Council’s and Committees, but lack the capacity of the use of mentioned small eco-friendly man at their disposal.

With this in thoughts, employing a sturdy Incident Investigation Treatment is a great begin. This can include the documentation of Preliminary Stories, Witness Statements, Incident and ICAM/Taproot results and implementation of needed steps. Game of Thrones is among the strains of all these hand composed statements mixed. It’s up to the Protection Specialist to guarantee they are not dealt with like a Stormtrooper, and are the sufferer of another’s ‘Jedi Brain Trick’ while investigating.